You may choose to view our brochures of monuments we have done, so you can get an idea of the various sizes, designs and colors to choose from. Each of these factors, as well as the amount of lettering to be cut, is an influence on the cost of the finished work. Any symbols or insignias may be carved on the stone if we could be provided with a photograph or the emblem itself.

We have chosen monuments that vary in shape, design and color so that you can see the many different options you have when choosing a memorial. Please keep in mind that selecting a memorial is the only purchase you will ever make that is designed to last forever. Therefore, please take your time in deciding what you would like.

We would be happy to give you an estimate if you could follow up with a letter, telephone call, or e-mail with some idea of design, color and information to be lettered on the memorial. After these details are decided, we would provide you with a drawing of the monument, at which time any details you would like to change, delete, or rearrange can be done before final production.

We thank you for considering us in this matter and hope to be of service to you.

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