The Boyd House

Rev. John Boyd, who was the minister of the Presbyterian Church from 1826-1834, in 1832 purchased the land where he would build his house in 1834.  Rev. Boyd died in 1842 and his son, Dr. John C. Boyd occupied the house until his death in 1892.  The Boyd family owned the property until 1910.  In April, 1929 Edmund & Edna Seaman purchased the property for their funeral home.  Today, Smith, Seaman & Quackenbush, Inc. still occupies the property.  David Smith established the funeral home in 1835.  It is one of the oldest businesses in Orange County.  In 1983 the funeral home was purchased by Tom Sullivan.  Tom sold the business to Colin W. Campbell, who had been a funeral director of the funeral home since 1997.  Colin currently owns and operates both the Monroe and Highland Mills, NY locations.  The business continues to operate as a family owned business as it has since 1835, providing compassionate and caring service to our community.